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OCIG Introduced at 2020 ISHI Conference

These are exciting times for everyone involved in Investigative Genetic Genealogy!

The transition from traditional forensic DNA identification to the new paradigm of Forensic Intelligence was featured in a presentation by OCIG founding member Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick at the 2020 virtual ISHI conference on Monday, September 14th, 2020. The complexity of this transition is illustrated by the diagram below that shows the CODIS decision-making pipeline compared to that of IGG. In her talk, Dr. Fitzpatrick suggested how the existing pipelines can be simplified and combined to create a unified decision-making process in the future.

As stated in her presentation, the OCIG Tiger Team was formed to help facilitate the merger of the existing frameworks and to promote positive discussion on all aspects of the development of a future Forensic Intelligence pipeline.

We have established an online forum to encourage positive discussion among our community about the challenges we face as we move into a new era. Please sign up for an account to engage in this discussion. We appreciate your comments, questions, and suggestions.

Site members can download the diagram above from our Library here.


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