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SAKITTA Webinar - Meet the Experts

Meet the SAKI Experts Interview Series

Dr. Linda Ledray, Founder of the SANE-SART Resource Service Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 from 2:00-2:30 PM ET

Dr, Linda Ledray

The SAKI TTA Team is pleased to continue the interview series titled Meet the SAKI Experts! This series of brief interviews highlights SAKI TTA’s partners and consultants and their roles on the SAKI project. During each event, a member of the SAKI TTA Team will conduct a virtual interview with the featured subject matter expert. Questions will showcase their specific expertise, his/her background, role on the SAKI project, and what trainings and resources the expert finds particularly useful within the SAKI project. 

Our sixth installment in the series will feature Dr. Linda Ledray. Dr. Ledray has served as a key forensic nursing partner to the SAKI TTA Team by collaborating on trainings, presentations, webinars, and resource briefs specific to sexual assault nursing, medical needs of sexual assault victims, and multidisciplinary team response.

The webinar will be conducted over zoom. To register, click here.

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